How Maps Help Local SEO

Having business citations are very useful for local seo and increasing your businesses online presence. In this tutorial provided by Variant SEO, a San Antonio SEO Company, will show you how to improve search through maps.

Maps help with local search because it allows Google to pin point your business and serve the best results to searchers. In local SEO this is important so that your business shows up for your target keywords. When a customer searches for business + your area you want to be number one.

So how does a map citation help? It allows Google to cite your business from multiple sources showing that your business is indeed located where you say. The more sources telling Google this is where your business is located the better. A citation from a map is best for local because it will show geographical data versus just a link. This serves to rank sites in local areas more efficiently.

So how do we get these citations. You can get them from any source that lets you build a map and embed it on the internet. The more authoritative the source the more valuable the link. In this example we built a citation from because of edu backlink authority and the quality of there maps.

Building this citation is as simple as going to, creating an account, adding a layer, and then slipping a link in the text field. I recommend using branded anchor text for your anchors when linking back to your site.

So what will a link like this do for you? Initially, nothing. A link like this has potential to carry a lot of authority but you need to add some links to it in order to strengthen it.  Since it is hosted on an authoritative subdomain it will carry a lot of link juice. I recommend pointing a handful of PBN and generic links to this map in order to boost it. You can either do embeds or exact/generic anchors.

You can expect to see an increase in rankings for the map and the site you linked back from. By adding a map citation you better your chances of showing up in Google and give the search engine more info on your site and business.

Benefits of Location Tracking for Tow Trucks

Location Tracking for Tow Trucks

Being prompt is of the utmost importance for a towing company. To have a successful towing business the driver needs to know where they are needed. When you know the exact location that your customer is in then you will be better able to serve them. This also equates to better customer satisfaction and more jobs. GPS can be exactly what your towing company needs! In an emergency situation a customer is going to need you in a moments notice. Having GPS tracking specifically designed for the towing industry allows you to fulfill their needs. Your response time will be quicker and you will have the best path to where they need to go. GPS is essential! With live tracking you can serve more people, save time, money, gas, and be able to communicate better with your drivers.

How Towing Businesses Are Benefiting

For example, a tow truck san antonio has found huge success with using GPS. There response times have decreased by up to 15%, they have been able to track all their drivers and know their exact location live, as well as save money on fuel. GPS also doubles as a safety feature for your drivers as you will know where they are at at all times!

Here’s an example of how GPS and Fleet tracking can benefit your business:

Why Your Towing Business Needs Location Tracking

It is usually very difficult to track and supervise drivers in the towing industry. With the right fleet tracking you will be able to know the exact location of your drivers with the push of a button. You’ll even be able to tell if they exceed the speed limit or leave a designated area! With such added monitoring the question of efficiency is solved and you never have to worry about what your drivers do away from your watch.

Having fleet tracking allows for better dispatch of your vehicles as well. You will know exactly which driver is closest and have the best response times ever!

These are just a handful of benefits to using location tracking for your towing business. You can learn more here!

All You Want to Know About Geographic Information Systems

The world is equipped with technologies that are game changing and one such technology that

has been a buzz since its inception is the GIS or Geographic information systems. The spatial

and the geographical data can be analyzed and manipulated by a design that is known as

Geographic information systems.

Geographical information is very much important in many sectors and these sectors need

spatial data for geographical locations that can easily be stored, arranged and manipulated. This

is what Geographic information systems exactly do. There is a science related to GIS. The study

of these GIS and analysis is known as Geographic information science. There are various sectors

where this information can be used that include the following:

 Engineering

 Planning

 Management

 Transport

 Telecommunications etc

The concept of GIS came to existence in the year 1968 when Roger Tomlinson used the term

Geographic information systems in his published paper. Roger Tomlinson is also considered to

be the father of Geographic information systems.

There are varieties of technologies related to GIS and some of them are as follows:

 Digitization

 Heads-up digitizing

Applications of Geographic information systems:

There are many uses of Geographic information systems and some of them are as follows:

 In the field of science, GIS is used extensively

 In the sector of Real estate and public health

 Crime mapping

 National defense

 Natural resource

 Climatology etc

There are different types of modelling that relate to GIS. The topology modelling is one such

technology that allows analysis to be performed. Then there is the geometric network that

allows interconnected features. These are very much important in the GIS technology and that

is why there are so many departments in this GIS studys. GIS is now very much popular among

the scientific fraternity and the use of GIS goes to several sectors. That is the reason why there

are so many companies, enterprises and other organizations adapting to GIS all over the globe.

GIS or Geographic information systems perform the analysis, manipulation and various other

activities of the geographical arrangements and maps and hence are used in many fields such as

community planning, location based services, landscape architecture etc. These are some of

the fields that GIS is extensively used. There are so many companies that are opting for GIS.

There are many scientific organizations that are using GIS all over the globe.

With the demand of Geographic information systems, increasing every day there are many

companies who are using Geographic information systems. There is one place that is

responsible for geoprocessing specifications and there are almost 384 companies taking part in

it. The Open Geospatial Consortium or OGC is the consortium that is responsible for

geoprocessing specifications that they provide to the world. There are many companies who

are eyeing to get into the consortium but at present there are 384 companies taking part. GIS is

a very important technology in the present world and much advancement is yet to come with

this technology.

The Need for Location Citation for a Website

The location of a website determines the visibility of the website around particular area. The more the website is pinged at a certain area then the location citation of the website is increased in that particular area. Location citation is nothing but the accessibility of the website at a particular area. Based on the number of pings received at the location the suggested links increase and targets customers at that particular location. The location based pinging is entirely depending on the population at that location. It leads people to visit not only through websites but the physical address representation people look for the address and increase the sales directly. It is mostly like a digital pamphlet circled across variety of locations.

The citations are performed under two methods, structured and unstructured. Both of which are necessary and noteworthy to the businesses. Structured citations are the ones where the local directories such as the yellow pages give your business a boost in the marketing circle. These pages are widespread and its reasonable prices are the reason the structured citations are mostly popular. The unstructured ones are websites blogs and sites the government control, these sites do not provide the space we need to advertise and they cost way more than the yellow pages and do not strike much attention. But, these pages reach a lot of people with a distinct taste and they may choose to opt it or turn the page away.

Location based citations are very crucial and help out many businesses with certain benefits. The benefits are many and are key to increase the reputation of the company.

The web search provides information to us in a very large scale. Search engine optimizations get through specific keywords to look in to the web and fetch the particular page (ex: San Antonio Towing = Towing Company in San Antonio). With location citation the need for them is reduced at a concentrated area. Due to limited number of websites available in the location the optimizers search a very narrow field of data to obtain information resulting in very fast transmission of data. After the optimization the website is ranked in that area. The websites with fewer citations are ranked less and websites with larger number of citations are ranked at the top.

Popular search engines provide up to date information and those search engines rely only on the citation amount. Increasing number of cites to a website increases the traffic flow in the website. Since the website flows through higher amount of traffic the revenue is increased. The location’s accuracy will help in getting on the list of business listings on the popular sites also. Due to the abundant number of citations the range of the website is increased. This increased popularity leads other websites to get their traffic through your website. The credibility surmounts and genuineness deserving to the company pulls many customers for increase in the sales.

In order to locate your business, they must not feel a tiny bit of tinge to reach out in the web. This service of citations helps people to locate the business very easily. Visibility is in internet is mostly what everyone cares about and because of the location citations the website is reached out to everybody with the decent access to the internet.

They not only provide the accurate details of the company but also the reliance in the community in which the company is an integral part. Physical transfer of contact information regarding the website also increase the citations of the website. This amount is fractional compared to the online network. Transcribing written content to a digital content will slow the process entirely and lead to sales without the increase in citations. In order to effectively increase both the traffic on the real and the virtual world must in a disproportionate ratio. Heavy increase in citation in online lead only to online sales, the affiliate and distributive listings take a hit in these type of sales. By having physical sales alone, the reach of the websites is thwarted and does not reach the level of fame as one expects to be. There are several ways to get citations and also being a component of the internet is along with them. News sites such as twitter essentially are citations for the website you are promoting and they do a great deal of impact on the sales.

It is very clear now that the citations are not only needed but essential too. If everything goes well the scope of the site increases visibility and it will increase the possibility of the results in the search engines. There are many services which provide a certain way to increase the website’s citations for a reasonable amount of money, with a small expense in the beginning it will lead to a heavy increase in the citations later. Those services lead the way to increase citation in the future. Before paying to such services it is advised to consider the reviews written about them and ratings given to them by customers who have reviewed. If there is any chance to know about the customers who reviewed them take the chance. If precautions aren’t taken you may lead to online fraud and get cheated by them. There are many location citations services available to consider.

Many citations run under an algorithm and due to heavy web traffic sometimes the same name is cited twice or thrice and they get redirected to another location instead of yours. For that not to happen we have to make a list of the citations received from the sources and make a spreadsheet and account all the cites and try to find the duplicate of the cite registered on the website at that particular location. With the help of location citations, we can find the duplicate easily and suppress the citation against the original one and provide the necessary boost to the web service. This method takes a little longer to execute but the result is worth it. With this the improvements can be seen and helps in citations on the long run.

Spacial Data Partners

Spatial Data Partners (SDP) focus is on helping your organization develop and maximize the usefulness of your organizational data, assets and strategies by applying locational intelligence. Location is extremely powerful and coupled with other business intelligence it becomes explosive in the possibilities. We offer products to track your assets, monitor your mobile resources, and locate your hard assets. We offer software solutions to leverage the data you have, the data you collect or the data that we provide for you. We also develop custom applications that even further enhance the usefulness of both the data solutions as well as the software solutions.

So whether it is a GPS based fleet management system, a subfoot data collection tool, a GIS software program or a custom application SDP can provide a solution. Take a look around and discover how location can be your new business partner.

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